October 20, 2018

The Consequences of Being a Single Mother

single mom

Society is rapidly changing around us and there are new challenges posed to people living in today’s world. The modern family structure is far from being conventional and many families do not look like the traditional two parents, two kid’s homes of the 50s. There are all sorts of families in the new era and single-parent homes are increasingly common. Single mothers, in particular, are a common dynamic of today’s world and there are some consequences that the single mothers and their children have to deal with today. In fact CBSNEWS has also published an article related to best places for single mom to live in US.

The following are some of the consequences of being a single mother.


Consequences of Being a Single Mother

A mother who has a dependent child or children without any spouse is called a single mother. An unmarried mother, a divorcee or a widow all qualify as a single mother if they are the only ones supporting their child or children.

Financial Consequences

  • The most obvious consequence is that a single mother has to do the work of two parents all by herself. This means feeding, clothing, entertaining, schooling, and protecting the child all on their own. Childcare while also working to provide financially for the family is a tricky proposition.
  • This also means running the household on a single income which can be hard to do especially if a single mother is less educated and does not have a high paying job. Single mothers sometimes take up more than one job to help pay the bills and even that is not enough. It is very hard for single mothers to keep up financially and many times they have to deny their children certain luxuries that other households can afford.

Legal Consequences

  • A consequence of single motherhood is the boundaries that need to be set for the other parent. In the case of unmarried mothers or divorcees many times there is another parent around. Custody, child support, and visitation rights need to be clarified with the other parent. Dealing with shared custody can be hard and even if single mothers have sole custody, sending their child for a holiday with the other parent is difficult for a parent.


Personal Consequences

  • Single parents, especially those working to make ends meet, do not necessarily have a life on their own. This means that a consequence of single parenthood is that single moms tend to have their lives revolve around their children.
  • Single moms are not looked down upon these days, especially in the cities as there are many single parent households in the country. However, a consequence of being a single mom is that dating can be a little difficult in this situation for single moms.

Being a single mother is very hard and a single mom has to face the realities of parenthood all on her own. Nowadays, parenting children is the hardest job on the planet even when there are two parents to share the burden of everyday life. However, though children are a joy, there are many difficulties of raising children in a single mom household as mentioned above. Becoming a single mother is the toughest job on the planet.

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