October 22, 2018

Top Causes of Miscarriages in Women

Cause of misscarriage

Many people all over the world dream of having children as a part of their life. Children are a joy and couples as well as single people these days want to have children at the right age. Many people plan their families and family planning and deciding when to have a child is a major aspect of their lives. Women get pregnant and have babies all the time. It is very common to have children but many people do not know that it is also common to lose a child. Women have miscarriages many times, and the stigma attached to miscarriages needs to be erased.  The following are some of the common reasons why women suffer miscarriages during their pregnancies:

Top Causes of Miscarriage

Lifestyle Habits

The health of a mother during pregnancy and her habits has a direct impact on the pregnancy. There are many dos and don’ts about lifestyle choices that women have to adhere to while being pregnant. Smoking and drinking are very bad for a pregnancy and can cause severe problems during pregnancy. These factors can also lead to miscarriage. Eating unhealthy junk food and also having certain types of food that are bad for pregnancies can cause miscarriage. These lifestyle choices can also lead to birth defects in babies. Also, stress is another lifestyle factor that can cause a miscarriage. A stressed pregnancy has a higher risk factor and miscarriages are common among women who lead stressful lives. Obesity is another lifestyle factor that can also increase the chances of miscarriage among women who are obese. Pregnant women who are drug addicts also have a very high risk of losing their pregnancy to a miscarriage. Ensure that you follow a healthy diet during your pregnancy which is not only good for you but for your baby too.


Diabetes is a very difficult disease to manage especially when a woman is pregnant. Insulin-dependent diabetes that is not controlled increases the chances of a miscarriage in the first trimester. Birth defects are also common in children that are carried by women who have diabetes. A diabetes pregnant woman must monitor her diabetes continuously during her pregnancy to avoid complications that can arise out of the disease during pregnancy.


Another disease that can cause a miscarriage is thyroid. There are many thyroid disorders that can cause problems with fertility. Thyroid causes problems with pregnancy that can cause a woman to miscarry. There are many problems when women with thyroid disorders become pregnant and recurrent miscarriages are common. The imbalance in the hormones produced by thyroid disorders can cause a problem in pregnancies and this can result in miscarriages.

Blood Clots

Some women are more susceptible to blood clots than others. Blood clotting disorders are rare but they do happen to men and women all over the world. These disorders can cause a miscarriage of the pregnancy and women who are more likely to suffer from blood clots are likely to have miscarriages.


Men can have children all their adult lives but this is not true for women. There is a sweet spot in age for women when it is ideal for a woman to have children. If a woman is too young or the woman is over the age of 35, there is a greater chance of miscarriage.


The strength and physical health of a woman plays a key role in a pregnancy. Very weak women cannot carry a pregnancy to term and are more likely to suffer from miscarriages.  If the cervix is weak and if a woman suffers from cervical insufficiency, carrying a child will be extremely difficult for a woman. Malnutrition is a major cause for miscarriage among women especially in poor countries where there are no proper guidelines about the nutrients that a woman needs during her pregnancy.

Genetic and Chromosomal Problems

There are many chromosomal disorders and abnormalities that can cause a miscarriage. The abnormalities include Down syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis among other chromosomal problems. Genetic abnormalities and hereditary disorders can cause birth defects and miscarriages among women suffering from these problems.

Immune System

A weak immune system in a woman who is pregnant is very bad for a pregnancy. Catching a disease or infection during a pregnancy can result in birth defects and also can result in a miscarriage.

Uterine Abnormalities

There are many types of abnormalities of the uterus that can cause a problem with the pregnancy that can lead to miscarriages. A common abnormality of the uterus is a septum. A septum is a tissue in the uterus that does not match the type of blood supply of the remaining uterus which can cause a miscarriage.

As mentioned above there are various reasons why women suffer miscarriages all over the world. Most people know somebody who has suffered a miscarriage as some women suffer multiple miscarriages before they can have a child. The stigma around miscarriage needs to be eradicated and women must have access to quality maternity care to improve their chances of carrying their child to full term.



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